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108 Token Uses Supply-Adjusted Market Cap

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The underlying basket of crypto assets in the 108 Token basket consists of the top 15 crypto assets ordered by supply-adjusted market capitalization, also known as Y2050 Marketcap (implied).

Supply-adjusted market capitalization for a cryptocurrency is a product of the expected number of coins in supply in 2050 and the current market price. Supply-adjusted market capitalization reduces the volatility in index price that is caused by the different supply schedules of various coins in the index. It also adjusts for inflation - by 2050, most of the top currencies will have reached maximum supply caps and thus completely eliminate inflationary pressure of new currency supply.

In other words, 108 Token team believes that supply-adjusted market capitalization is a better indicator than current market capitalization as the former accounts for differences in supply regimes of various protocols. For example - if you consider two identical protocols, one with 80% of the maximum supply in circulation and the other with 20%, then the protocol with lower percentage of coins in circulation will have a much lower market capitalization, despite the two protocols being identical.

Market Update

Crypto markets are down across the board today with all the top 10 currencies trading in the red. Bitcoin, at $6,371 was the best performing (or least loss-making) currency, losing 1.55%, while Ethereum fell by 6.60% to $279.53. Tezos was the worst performing currency overnite, falling almost 20% after its strong bull run yesterday.
Data sourced from OnChainFX.com.

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