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108 Tokens are Now in Your Wallet!


Greetings from the 108 team! We are delighted to announce that we have finished the deployment of the capital raised during the ICO. We thank you for your support and your belief in us. Our internal systems and the user interface are now upgraded for effortless viewing of portfolio constituents, constituent weights, tokens owned and real-time NAV tracking. Please click here to visit the updated portal.

Now that token allocation to participants is complete, tokenholders can view the 108 tokens in the addresses provided for sending the tokens. Users who contributed ETH can see 108 tokens in their wallets from which the contributions were made.

Note: The tokens need to be added manually for the wallet to recognize them. In case you have issues adding the tokens, please contact us. You can also visit our updated portal to see how many 108 tokens you own.

As informed in the white paper, we chose the top 15 currencies by supply-adjusted market cap from onchainfx.com. However, to protect our buyers from the risk of sudden drops in the prices of less-convincing cryptocurrencies and currencies with thin liquidity on exchanges, we excluded 3 coins (DCN, XTZ, and TRX) from the top 15 and replaced them with the next 3 eligible currencies. We provide our rationale for excluding these three cryptocurrencies below.

Dentacoin - We decided to exclude Dentacoin from the top 15 because of its extremely ambiguous value proposition, very high future inflation rate (only 4% of the total supply is in circulation; the lowest among the top 15) and the absence of secure avenues to accumulate the currency (not listed on any of the major exchanges).

Tezos - Although Tezos is a promising project with lots of potential and one of the most highly-rated smart contract platforms, the fact that it is still in beta and not available for purchase on any of the major trading platforms led us to omit it from the top 15 cryptocurrencies. We will include it in the top 15 once the project launches on mainnet and is available for purchase on popular exchanges.

Tron - Tron has been the subject of multiple plagiarism claims that were called out by the DAR team. The smart contract platform, founded by Justin Sun, egregiously copied parts of their white paper from Filecoin and IPFS whitepapers, without any attribution. Their codebase was also copied verbatim from Ethereum.

Here’s the final list of the top 15 cryptocurrencies we invested in and their weights at the time of first deployment.