108token Token Offering referral program


The 108token referral program kick-starts on Monday, 25th June, 2018. The two integral components of this referral program is the referral link and the referred users.

Let’s first understand how the referral link works:

  • After signing up, the user, say Charlie, can navigate to his dashboard to get a referral link which is uniquely mapped to his account.
  • Charlie can now share this referral link with his friends and family, asking them to use this link to sign up onto the website.
  • Once the user signs up and buys using the referral link, Charlie’s account will reflect the number of successful referrals pertaining to his unique referral link.

After signing up using the referral links, the referrals will determine how much Charlie earns as rewards. Here are the criterions:

  • If Charlie successfully invites 5 people to sign up, and the 5 referrals buy 108token, then Charlie earns a reward of 0.05ETH worth of 108token.
  • If Charlie successfully invites 10 people to sign up, and the 10 referrals buy 108token, then Charlie earns a reward of 0.11ETH worth of 108token, which is a 20% or 0.01ETH bonus on top of the first 5 referral rewards.
  • If Charlie manages to bring in more than 10 buyers using his referral link, he will earn 0.01ETH worth of 108token for every new buyer after the first 10 referrals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on our website and start earning!


  • The referral link will be generated only after buying 108token
  • The rewards from the referral program will be distributed at the end of the 108token ICO.
  • Please make sure that you go to https://108token.com to sign up and buy 108token.
  • Do not send your cryptocurrency to any standalone wallet address to buy 108token. We are conducting the token sale only via our official website (https://108token.com).

To learn more about 108token and why you should buy it, watch this video and read the whitepaper.

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108 Token provides an easy, low-cost, ETF style access, with transparent 24x7 tracking for budding crypto investors. The 108 token is an ERC20 product that tracks the top 15 cryptocurrencies, on a supply-adjusted market cap basis, and rebalances the constituents on a monthly basis. To learn more about 108 Token, please visit www.108token.com.