A Primer on the 108Token crypto index

What is 108Token?

The 108token represents a share in the portfolio consisting the top 15 cryptocurrencies. The portfolio contains these currencies on the basis of their market capitalization, and these shares are balanced every month on the basis of the current market situation. 108token is an ERC-20 token that can eventually be traded on various platforms (OTC, centralized/ decentralized exchanges). The basket ensures that your funds are not subject to fluctuation in one single currency. It gives you transparent 24x7 tracking and liquidity.


How can you invest in 108Token?

There are two potential ways of investing in 108Token:

  1. Via Cryptocurrencies - To pay via cryptocurrencies you will need your cryptocurrency wallet with at least 0.1 BTC / or 0.5 ETH in credit. Payment for Tokens must be made to the relevant Token Generator digital wallet address which will be shared with all the investors. (Please note that transfers should not be made from your exchange wallet account.)

  2. Via Fiat Currency: Investors would need to wire the investment amount to the account details shared with the investors. We at ZPX, will use the transferred money to buy ETH which will then be used to buy 108 token. Once bought, these tokens will be transferred to the wallet address shared by the investor to our team. Minimum contribution through fiat is US $5000

Key highlights of 108 Token:

● There is a maximum weight of 20% for any constituent of the portfolio, to ensure a diversified portfolio
● The token has an index administration fee of 50 bps per quarter
● The token provides 100% liquidity as the tokens are tradable on various platforms post a lock-in period of 90 days
● The tokens are easy to use and can be conveniently stored in your crypto wallet
● 108token portfolio has been designed on the basis of back-testing data, where it significantly outperformed a range of strategies, including just 'HODL'ing bitcoin


Key Terms & Conditions

● Minimum capital (soft-cap) to be raised for the token is $5 million, hard-cap is $30 milliom
● Tokens sold to participants have a lock-in period of 90 days after which the tokens can be traded
● The token is for sale to everyone around the world except those from US and Singapore (Please refer to laws specific to your jurisdiction before buying into the token)

Why this might be the right time to add cryptocurrencies to your portfolio?

Although crypto currencies are increasingly becoming more and more acceptable, the asset class is still in its early days. The biggest headwinds against the higher acceptance of this asset class among institutional investors are lower liquidity and lack of sound custodial rails. However, a lot of progressive development is happening on both of these fronts. We therefore expect the institutional capital waiting on the sidelines to jump in soon. Most of this institutional capital will flow into the top 15 cryptocurrencies, which at the moment make up more than 84% of crypto market capitalization