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Lock-in Period in 108 Token

8 days to go till 108 Token Sale Phase I ends. Buy your tokens now.

What is a lock-in period? A lock-in period is a time limitation imposed on a token before which the token cannot be traded in the secondary market. This limitation implies both to private buyers of the token who have purchased in the pre-sale as well as retail buyers.

The concept of a lock-in period is not new to the cryptocurrencies market. Regulators, bankers and service providers regularly impose lock-in periods on purchases to ensure price stability in the underlying market. In the case of cryptocurrency markets, a lock-in period ensures that buyers' interests are preserved and there is no significant selling pressure which may erode the value of their purchase.

In the case of 108 Token, the lock-in period is of 90 days from the day of token deployment. That is, on 30th November 2018, 108 Token will be free to trade on all supported exchanges.

During this time, investors would also be able to see the 108 Token team rebalancing methodology in action as well as observe the performance of their purchase first hand through communications issued periodically by the team.

This period will give our technology teams time and data required to smooth out any possible bugs or any other technical inconsistencies that may arise while going live. Further, it will give us time to engage with partners and engineer possible hedging solutions such as futures on the 108 Token.

Market Update

In the past 24 hours, crypto markets are down across the board with all of the top 10 currencies trading in the red. Bitcoin, at $6,426 pared off some of its gains from yesterday, losing 3.96%. Ethereum, at $273.11, lost 4.65%. Tezos was the biggest loser, wiping off -7.83% from its price.
Data sourced from OnChainFX.com.

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